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09:00am – 12:30pm
Part 1: Investment Strategy and Planning
These sessions will focus on the tools required to achieve international business expansion for your company with special emphasis on investment, planning, and strategy. The objectives of this Part 1 are to:
• Provide you with an understanding of the key success factors and risks in
International Business Development
• Deliver increased focus and confidence in investment decisions
• Enable you to develop a marketing plan for International business development through investment.
Session 1: Understanding International Business
• What is international business
• Why do companies expand internationally?
• Foreign Direct Investment (inward/outward)
• Strategic Alliances
• Merger and acquisition
• Licensing, Franchising & Outsourcing
Session 2: Developing a Marketing Plan for International Business Development
• Market assessment, selection and feasibility study
• Marketing in an international business context
• The political imperative in international business
• Articulating dierent culture

13:30pm – 17:00pm
Part 2: International Business Management
The following session will focus on the management of international business expansion discussing topics such as in-house support for international expansion, human resource requirements, financial and political risk and cross cultural issues. Some of the subjects the participants will learn in Part 2:
• How to build successful relationships across the organization - country/culture/ region • How to lead multinational teams – Assess the key issues
• Inspirational, motivation and factors for success
• How to take advantage of international economic cooperation
Session 3: Management of the International Business Expansion
• Role within the parent company
• Legal structure, agency distributorship, subsidiary
• Organizational Design Structures

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Financial management
Logistics and the supply chain
Human resource management

Session 4: The Multinational Enterprise (MNE) and the Small & Medium Size
International Enterprise (SMEI)
• Competitive advantage of MNE’s
• Obstacles and advantages of SMIE’s in internalization
• Born international
• MNE’s from developing countries

09:00am – 12:30pm
Part 2: International Business Management (continued)
Session 5: Culture and International Business
• National culture and language
• Corporate culture
• Key cultural issues
Session 6: Political and Legal Environment
• MNE’s relationship with the host/ home government
• Measurement of political risk
• Legal issues
Session 7: International Economic Integration and Institutions
• IMF The World Bank Group
• Government trade agencies

13:30am – 17:00pm
Part 3: Applications
This final part will be devoted to the discussions with the participants that will facilitate transition of what they have learnt in this program into workplace action plans. It will provide the participants with a true understanding of the issues and the ability to apply the strategies learned into reality.
Session 8: Strategies and Plans
• Foreign Direct Investment Research and Development strategies
• Critical success factors for Foreign Direct Investment
• Case studies – Success stories and lessons learned from international business failure. • Course review and action plan formulation in Groups
• Group presentations and summary.

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Some example case studies are as follows:
Colfax Corporation: Designing a Middle East Oil and Gas Distribution System
Colfax Corporation was a young, privately held collection of pump-manufacturing