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I hereby declare that the internship report entitled “Internship report of Nepal Investment Bank Limited (Lagankhel branch)” submitted to Kathmandu College of Management is a record of a original work done by me in the form of partial fulfillment of the requirement of Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) program. This is my original work and the report has not formed the basis for the award of any degree, associate ship, fellowship or any other parallel titles.

Rubina Aryal
BBA 8th Semester
K.U. Reg. No: A013313-11

The internship opportunity I had with Nepal Investment Bank Limited (Lagankhel Branch) was a great chance for learning and professional development. I am also thankful
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It was a pleasure for me to work in Nepal Investment Bank Limited. This experience gave me a countless opportunity to gain practical knowledge about banking functions and utilize conceptual knowledge in specific area of operation. As an intern at Lagankhel branch, I assisted employees of Customer Service Department, Marketing Department as well as in Branchless Services. I could sense the actual difference between the concept learned theoretically and its real world implications. While working in CSD I learned the ways to deal with customers while continuing their faith towards bank. While working in Marketing Department I worked with RM and learned to maintain good and friendly relationship with customers and to promote the new schemes launched by NIBL. I went to VDCs to distribute Social Grants to old, disable and widows as the part of branchless services provided by …show more content…
So as per the type of account, the document is needed.
A. Individual A/C
1. Personal NPR Account (For Nepalese Citizen)
2. Joint NPR Account (For Nepalese Citizen)
3. Personal NPR Account (For Indian Citizen)
4. Personal NPR and FC Account (For Foreign National)
5. Joint NPR Account (For Foreign National)
Major documents required while opening individual account are as follows:
• Certified True copy of Identification Document viz Citizenship, Passport, Driving License, NG/N Official IDs.
• Two Photographs of Account Holder.
• Discharge relating to instruction by fax.
• Introduction by existing account holder.
• Utility bill payment receipt.
B. Business A/C
1. NPR Account of Company (Registered in Nepal)
2. Account of Clubs, Societies and Associations (NPR)
3. Proprietorship Account (NPR)
4. Account of Partnership (NPR)
Major documents required while opening business account are as follows:
• Certified true copy of renewed Company Registration Certificate.
• Certified true copy of renewed Income Tax or VAT Registration