Interpersonal Communication Relationship Analysis Essay

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Interpersonal Communication
May 19, 2011

Relationship Analysis

When this assignment was given out, I instantly knew exactly what relationship I wanted to analyze: my ex-boyfriend’s and my relationship. It might sound like an odd relationship to choose, seeing as he is an ex, and it might not sound like a good starting point, but let me first say he is one of my best friends right now.
Our relationship began like very few relationships do, on Facebook. In June of 2009, after I had been accepted into a Fall 2009 freshman class, a boy said hello in a message and a 4-page paper could not even touch the surface of our relationship in those past 2 years, but I will do my best to explain as much as possible. Over the next few months, the
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From the start we made sure to talk about a lot of things because one reason we had issues in the first place was the lack of communication. The had begun to work on his listening skills because he know that as a part of maturing and being in a healthy relationship, he would need to not only become a better listener, but also work on his character. Things between us were better than ever. We had improved so many things since the year before: our communication skills, listening skills, and because we had spent so much time together, we started to be able to read each other’s emotions, also known as nonverbal communication. I could tell what kind of mood he was in by reading his facial emotions, whether he was actually in a good mood or just telling me he was but actually was in a bad mood. For me, this was a positive, but it just annoyed him because for the most part I could almost always tell when he was lying to me.
Although things were going great, the stress of sophomore year got to both of us and I wasn’t able to balance a boyfriend and stay on top of my homework, so he would not be a priority. When he did become a priority, my schoolwork would suffer. Eventually, things built up again so much that it ended in a very bad fight, in which each of us said a lot of things we didn’t mean. This was right at the beginning of December, before the end of the semester, so I became focused on school for the last few weeks and made sure I ended up with