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‘Meet The Parents’ Reflections
Every relationship is based on the foundation of its underlying communication. Besides on a verbal level, the smallest of non-verbal cues, pauses, movements or gestures also determine the construction or destruction of a relationship between two or more people. In the film, Meet The Parents, interpersonal communication is one of the subtly placed themes that revolve around the story. Interpersonal communication can be defined as the reciprocal message processing, when two or more individuals mutually take account of and adjust to one another’s verbal or non-verbal behaviors. The relationship between Greg Focker and Jack Byrnes is one that develops at a gradual pace, though not necessarily always in a
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Even his previously alien jokes are found funny and he is acknowledged as a part of the Byrne family Porecha 3
“Circle of Trust”. But upon returning home, when everyone sees the destruction caused by ‘Jynx’ and realizes it is actually an impostor that Greg passed off as Jynx by spray painting its tail, they once again shun him from the group and treat him like they want nothing to do with him. So you can see that non-verbal cues in interpersonal communication have an adverse effect on the social penetration, the moving of a relationship from superficial to intimate, and social depenetration, the deterioration of a relationship, between two or more individuals. In Greg’s case, even though his intentions were good, initially his non-verbal gestures were misperceived which led to the various awkward situations between him and Pam’s family and friends. But towards the end of the film when he makes his intentions clear to Jack and they communicate without any misperceptions, everything works out in the end. I have read and understand the University’s Academic Integrity Policy and I am submitting this assignment in full compliance with this policy.
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