Interprofessional Team

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I will be focusing on Interdisciplinary and Interprofessional Teams as my SMART goal. Included in this goal will be myself, other nurses in the clinic, nurse practitioner, pediatrician and technician’s. I would like to create and improve communication and collaboration among the team. This will take place in the pediatric clinic.
To achieve this goal, the pediatric team will hold a morning team huddle every day before patient care starts to share any important information/updates, possible concerns and game plan for the day. This will keep team members informed of pertinent information, ensure duties are being held accountable appropriately, and allow for sharing. Resource will include a daily goal sheet and open communication forum. Experts
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It involves so much more than just carrying out orders and ensuring that things are done professionally and efficiently. Healthcare leaders ensure their staff are excelling in their jobs, developing in their profession, inspire others and challenge them to think beyond the usual. An interdisciplinary and interprofessional team is one who is professional, collaborates, and practices well together. The team is able to coordinate together in which they will be able to carry out shared decision-making. Communication is very important as it helps to deliver optimal care as well as establishing a cohesive and organized work …show more content…
The article relates to my goal because it involves working with teams. The article notes the importance of collaboration among all the people involved, addresses the poor communication among healthcare professionals, and describes how coworkers and supervisors influence communication and workplace health. It also focuses on the nurse leader in developing transformational skills which result in better managing skills. The article shows the vital role that nurses play in leadership and in process change. It also highlights the importance of collaboration between people in different sectors and departments of the institutions in ensuring the