The Basic Process Of Purchasing

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What’s the basic process of purchasing?

Basically we have already set up the inventory master data, all the inventory from older point, so if you go almost at the *** of the point then the system will produce this online report for those inventory that are from older point, so our supply clerk
, staff that is responsible to review this online report, supply clerk will review the online report and prepare the purchase requisation, and the computer, after the supply clerk have done the purchase requisition things, it will update the purchase reqisition data and inventory master data, then we have a seperate staff
(inventory manager), log onto of course same system and to check the spending of purchase requisition, so this inventory manager will approve the purchase of 1000 dollars that are not covered under the blank of the purchase order, then the computer, after approve by the manager, will update the purchase requisition data to record the inventory manager approval, and this purchase requisition data and vendor master data, and display to another staff we call it buyer, so we have like a buyer who is resposible to fill this approved purchase requisitions , at least a vendor, and it will select the vendor, and enter the purchase order data, so the computer will save the purchase order data , update the purchase requisition and of course the *** master data which is the inventory master data , and bring the pin number pruchase order, so purchase order now already created, and the buyer is the one also mail this pruchase order to the vendor.

What’s the receiving process?

When the vendor deliver goods to us, we have another staff in receiving department that is receiving staff, so receiving staff will inspect good receiving from the vendor, and it will compare the count to the packing slip, and of course, need to enter the purchase order in the system so that the computer display the purchase order related to this delivery, and then the computer will display and receiving staff will enter the quantity they received, so those are the quantity that are actually been delivered by the supplier, then the computer will update the

purchase order, again will update the inventory master data with the quantity received, and update general ledger master data for inventory.

How do you handle checking quantity and quality of assets and inventory within receiving process?

Good question, you can suggest us a control to improve.
Basically, what is receiving staff do is