Interview of two mothers Essay

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Interview Lab

For my two interviews I interviewed my mother, Vicki and my coworker, Nicole. My mother has had five children while my coworker is a young mother pregnant with her second child. My oldest sister is twenty eight years old and that is who my mother spoke about. Although the birthing experience was different, the love that both of these women share for their children is incredible. Their children are their pride and joy and it was really present when they spoke about their experience as mothers. I followed the questions on the interview lab hand out sheet. I did not want to ask any questions that would cause any embarrassment or the ability to not answer me openly so I just stuck to the basic questions provided. When interviewing my mother we discussed what her house was like when she was pregnant with her first child. My mother and father lived together in a two flat with my grandparents from my fathers side. My grandparents lived on the first floor and my parents on the top floor. The closeness of another mother was what my mom really enjoyed about living there. She could ask my grandmother questions without having to bother the doctor when she was concerned or just simply had a question. My grandmother who had eight children, had a lot of knowledge to share about the do's and dont's of pregnancy and motherhood. My father had a well paying job so my mother did not have to work during her pregnancy. During her pregnancy, my mother gained less than twenty pounds with dietary recommendations of just watching caffeine intake and the certain fishes she ate. She said her list of foods not to eat was not super long. At this time, there were no limits on cigarette smoking while pregnant either. After birth, my mother chose to breast feed due to the fact that it was inexpensive, convenient, and had a better nutritional value than formula. My mother attended childbirth classes such as Lamaze. My mother felt no pressure to have a child but felt that a baby would complete her family and bring her and my father closer than anything else. My mother believes that having a child is stressful for both mothers and fathers due to the fact that a baby is a responsibility shared by both. The mother however endures more stress to her body from hormones, pregnancy weight, and childbirth. Luckily, my parents were financially stable during and after pregnancy. When I interviewed Nicole, it was more of just a question and answer interview instead of a discussion. The answers were straight forward which I believe is from me not being her family member or a close friend. During the interview, Nicole talked about how her in laws only lived a few minutes from her and her husband. She said this helped a great deal with house chores and such while her husband was away at work. Nicole was employed full time at Shelley Plate Reporting, LLC where she still works today. In the beginning of her pregnancy, she lost ten pounds due to morning sickness. In total she gained about twelve pounds. Her dietary recommendations were to avoid high salt content and to drink a lot of water. After birth, Nicole bottle feed due to the fact that she felt more comfortable bottle feeding opposed to breast feeding. Along with her mother and her mother in law, she worked with all women who had