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Norovirus of infection and isolation
Norovirus is a small group of viruses which is a common cause of intestinal infection and it is the most common stomach virus. There are at least 25 different strains of Norovirus that affect people. The virus can be caught at any time of the year. If someone gets Norovirus, they may have several symptoms. Although there is no specific treatment or vaccine for Norovirus, It can be prevented at some simple ways.

Most people get Norovirus infection from contaminated food and drink, such as raw or undercooked seafood, dirty fruits or vegetables even raw water. On the other hand, having direct contact with other Norovirus infected person also can be infected, especially in feces and vomit.

When a person becomes infected with norovirus, the virus begins to multiply within the small intestine. After approximately one to two days, norovirus symptoms can appear. The symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, stomachache, fever/chills and diarrhea. It usually last for one or two days but during that brief time the person can feel very sick and vomit many times a day. The Adults may have dry mouth and feel dizzy when standing up. Unusually sleepy or fussy may occur in children and sometimes appear listless.

Prevention of Norovirus is not hard as you think. There are many methods to avoid Norovirus infection and spreading. Such as wash hands with soap and warm water, clean the infected feces and vomit immediately, make sure our food are clean before eat.

As an aged care worker, isolation and precaution for patient is very important. Firstly, the best protection against any virus is to practice hand hygiene. Wash…