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1. Introduction
A number of report strategies have been used to collect data on the impact of IT, internet on the increasing market share of Co-operative food. Belk and Russell W (2006) says report strategy can be conducted on the basis of experiment, case study, survey, action report and many other ways can be employed to carry out the report. In this paper, case study as a report strategy is employed to carry out the report. Based on the report topic, case study design is selected and applied for a deeper understanding of the report topic. This report strategy has been selected as it helps in gaining a rich understanding of the report topic and the processes being used. Along with the case study, the report is accompanied by interviews of senior management. The case study approach is very popular and is believed to be especially good in complex situations and involve a number of different issues. The main advantage of the case study approach as a report strategy is that, it generates empirical data and information which would not be solely dependent on the already published work. And also the case study approach can be carried out by a single reporter and this method is relatively cheap.

Through the methods applied we investigate into the report objectives. To conduct the report on the impact of internet technology on the relevant market share of Co-operative food, we would employ both qualitative as well as quantitative method of report. Report methodology is a way in which we solve the report problem systematically by implementing different steps for conducting the report. The data thus collected using these techniques is both primary and secondary. There are two main types of report approach which are applied in a study, they are deductive and inductive report approaches. Deductive is a report approach in which the reporter develops a theory and hypothesis and designs a report strategy to test the hypothesis. The Deductive approach takes from a more general perspective to a more specific one. On other hand, the inductive approach works from the specific observation to broader generalizations and theories. The study of inductive approach is generally carried out within the field and is known as critical thinking stated by Markman, (2001). This report paper concentrates on the impact of internet on the increasing market share of Co-operative food in the food retail; therefore the approach applied in this case will be inductive. The inductive report approach will benefit this project because of its beginning with a specific area and then moving to more generalized view.
1.2 Details of the Case Study

Case study is the method of data collection whereby the data is collected through the real experience and practice of people, because of this feature, this data is strongly near to reality.
Case study allows for generalisations from definite example to more general issues.
The quality of a case is that it provides grounds for the further report.
One of the advantages of case study is that it is built on actual practice and experience of a person that is why these can be connected to actions and practice which can change the practice of the established thinking or belief.
Because the data collected through case studies is very close to the experiences of the people that is why, it can be more accessible and influential.
Keeping in mind the advantages of the case study, this method has been chosen for this specific case as it is found to be the most apt.

2. Literature review
Most notably it is seen in the efforts of the companies’ leaders to instill certain feelings (of loyalty to the company, camaraderie between the employees, perception of a cohesive group and so on) by means of meetings, trainings, seminars, festivities and so on. Maybe some of them even manage to make all these things fit into overall pattern of the company’s work, but most often