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The purpose of this assignment was to get a better understanding on what the average person thinks of the term Adult Education. I randomly selected eight people to interview outside a mall. I started by asking them if they had time to answer a few questions for a research paper I was conducting on Adult Education. I then commenced my interview with the following questions 1. What do you think of when you hear the words, Adult Education 2. Why do most people attend Adult Education 3. Where is most Adult Education carried out 4. What would be considered an example of Adult Education 5. What experiences have you had with Adult Education 6. Who benefits most from Adult Education, and why 7. What are some expectations of Adult Education Background The premise of this assignment is that people have many interpretations on the meaning of Adult Education and how it relates to their personal lives and the new societal changes and norms on this topic. I ascertained this through random interviews. I interviewed eight people, five females and three males, ranging from age 17 to 59. Their occupations varied from student, Military background to even a Federal Police Officer, and they were from different nationalities and ethnic origins. Comparison There are several differences between the youngest interviewee a seventeen year old high school student of hispanic decent, who believed that adult education referred to people who had drop out of school and needed to pursue a General Education Development (GED), where as interviewee number four, a female, caucasian, Auditor, with a Graduate degree, expressed that Adult education is a life long experience. By comparing their interpretations to what adult education meant to them and my thoughts on the subject, it revealed how age is a factor on how we define Adult Education. I, being a middle age woman, also believe like interviewee number four that Adult Education is a life long experience, we never stop learning. Whether its through a formal classroom or online course to an informal mode, we are contantly absorbing knowledge. Although there are many interpretations as to why someone may choose to attend adult education classes, I found that eighty-six percent of the adults interviewed stated that Adult Education leads to better paying jobs, greater personal satisfaction and a means to get ahead in life. Seventyone percent said there are a myriad of benefits to Adult Education such as providing people with the ability to compete for better, higher-paying and more highly skilled jobs. Most of the interviewees believed that most education is carried out in college campuses and classroom settings, this thought process surprised me, because with the amount of research the average American conducts (Self-directed learning) on computers, cells and other such technologies, I would have thought they would have said that most Adult Education is carried out at home or on their own free time. As Malcolm S. Knowles, a very influential figure in the adult education field, stated that self-directed learning arises anytime a person takes the responsibility for ones own learning (Knowles, 1984). Adults traverse through a myriad of challenges in their lives, from personal relationships, launching careers, raising children, and working various jobs over their life span in order to obtain self-fulfillment. Adult Education plays a critical role in achieving self-worth. As I went through the interviews I found an underlying link between Adult Education and self-fulfillment. Many returned to school to achieve this, because their work, promotion and even economic status depended on it. They wanted to be more marketable, as interviewee number five stated, and to find validation among their co-workers, supervisors and even themselves. In todays society, it is believed that education is important to a more satiating and useful existence. Fast