Into Thin Air Character Analysis

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Society today is filled with all kinds of good, and bad. A balance so important that even a slight change can drastically affect us. There will be people in our world who will search for fame, and fortune, some will set out to hurt others, few will turn their backs on the weak, but the many who believe in a selfless society will look to help anyone, and put everyone else’s needs before their own. These courageous people I like to call, Heroes.

Is there a real definition of a hero? To an aphid, an ant is a hero, to an in-awe-of-everything child, a celebrity is a hero, to others their parents are their heroes. If you search up the exact definition, it will tell you something along the lines of, “someone who is admired for courage, outstanding
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A heroic figure may save a hundred people’s lives, but are they truly being selfless, or do they look toward the cameras, and say “look what great things I have done.” A quote from Spock in Star Trek states, “The needs of many outweigh the needs of the few or one.” Selflessness should never come with the want of fame. A hero should look to always help others, and never expect anything in return.

In the novel, Into Thin Air, many heroes arise. Rob Hall, the Adventure Consultants, laid back, yet motivated leader. Anatoli Boukreev, Mike Groom, Neil Beidleman, Andy Harris, all great guides who pushed all fear, pain, and selfishness aside. Rob was never a man to leave anyone behind. Even though Rob died up on Everest in 1996, unable to get his clients own safely in the disaster, some say he is still a hero. Hall, a determined, and motivated man, trekked his clients up the snowy beast, and was sure he’d get them to the top. Many, if not almost all of Rob’s climbers made it to the summit. All because of Rob, his team mates achieved their goals. He brought joy, and life to their souls. Hall’s clients will forever see Rob as a great man who never gave up on them.