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Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Section 1 In the movie called Babies you watched babies from four different cultures from just before birth to about two to three years old. This was a definite form of Anthopology or the study of humanity. These four countries were Mongolia, Japan, Namibia, and USA. The topics covered were a wide variety including: nursing, playing with toys, Dr checkups in USA and Mongolia, getting a first hair cut with knife in Namibia to the different ways of bath time, including showers (USA), breast milk on the face to wash (Japan), spit water (Mongolia), and sucking the bugs off the face (Namibia.) It was interesting to me how in some ways we are similar in what we do when raising our children, but at the same time how those things can be so different. The different ways we bath for example, we all wash our children, but the way we do it is vastly different, such is the way for all of humanity. The differences that I noticed are in Namibia and Mongolia the child does not have a diaper. In Namibia they run around with no but covering at all, and in Mongolia they have a whole lot of blankets, however; in USA and Japan we have diapers of some sort whether disposable or cloth reusable diapers. We all love and play with our children in similar ways such as shaking a rattle or something like it where our child can see it. I learned that the way we do things though it may be the right way four our culture is not necessarily the right way for another culture. Such as the nakedness in Namibia even the mother run around with what I call a butt flap and…