Essay on Introduction to Ethics

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SOC 120: Introduction to Ethics
Social Responsibility
(Legalizing Marijuana)
Scharika May
Instructor: Peter Conis

My interested was enraged with the subject about legalizing marijuana, because so many people use this illegal drug. Google did help me with the understanding that there is a lot of different age of people that using this drug for whatever reason they think they need it for. Why not legalize marijuana; this is a topic that can be viewed in two ethical issues which are Emotivism and Egoism. The society also uses this subject in these ethical ways. The government has stated for this to be part of emotivism because it’s wrong and right at times. It’s wrong for the people that hadn’t been diagnose with an illness to take this illegal substance. So they will be using this drug in an illegal way. Way I say it’s illegal because it’s against the law for people that don’t have an illness to use marijuana. That means a person that gets caught with the drug and they could give the informant the police with be looking for, for them taking this substance will face all kinds of charges. If they have a current job they probably will lose it due to the fact you will be getting locked up, chargers will be on your record. So people probably would give you a hard time hiring you in the future. For the ones that was diagnose with an illness they will and are allowed by law to smoke or carry this so call illegal drug at any time of their lives. As long as they had a card stating what illness they have and why and how they will be using the legal drug for them. The ethical issue that Egoism begins along, people are going to use this drug where it’s legal or illegal, if a person wants to get high they will just be hide the government back. This is what we call “it’s wrong or right in some cases.” If a person feels they need this drug to get or a stressful day or just to relax I don’t see what wrong they are doing to society in taking this kind of substance. The way I fell; we should deal with this subject is to use the Utilitariaism theory. The government…