Introduction to ethics Essay

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Phylosiphy has 5 majors: logic, ethics, metaphescs, epistemology,
Ethic branches: Metaethics, normative, descriptive.

3 def of piety
1. Doing what’s dear to gods.
2. Gods became God [all gods]. And what’s dear becomes what’s loved.
3. Piety is part of Justice.

Natural law = divine law as MLK thinks. But not the man made laws. 2nd part cultivating of traits (character)
The goal of man is to do something for the politics.
Convention is the way what’s usually done.
Ethos is focusing at character.
Without reason you can’t build up a character.
Aristotle is saying fundamental principles leads to particulars and not the opposite.
The more you focus on the particulars the water gets more dirt.
Men are social beings.
Self-sufficient is just wanting what is functional.
Proper function of man is reasoning.
Two parts of the rational obeys rules and possess rules.
Morally wrong VS morally weak.

In book two we learn about virtue (intellectual and moral)
Intellectual has a level of natural intelligence and come as an experience with time and can be taught. And wisdom is an intellectual virtue.
Moral is a result of habit. Self-control,
Book 2 chapter 6: The virtue of a man is the state of character which makes a man good and which makes him do his own work well.
Book 2 chapter 1 This, then, is the case with the virtues also; by doing the acts that we do in our transactions with other men we become just or unjust, and by doing the acts that we