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Understanding a GCU Assignment Worksheet

Assignment Background:

It is important to read through all components of an assignment in the GCU classroom so that you are aware of its requirements and the expectations of your instructor. Look for the following cues:

• What is the objective of the assignment? • What are the elements of the assignment? • How will the assignment be graded? • What are other considerations for completing the assignment well?

The purpose of this worksheet is to guide you in “decoding” any GCU assignment.

Assignment Instructions:

Review the sample syllabus and sample rubric under the questions below. Then, provide
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For instance, it does not plainly state that GCU style is expected or strong academic writing ECT. As a new student this would confuse me and I would probably ask for clarification to ensure I was completing it properly. 8. How can the rubric help a student meet the instructor’s expectation for the assignment?

Rubrics identify for you what criteria is being used to grade the specified assignment. It’s a great tool to ensure you are covering all the required information in an assignment. Students can then in turn use the rubric as a guide when completing the assignment. This is very helpful in cutting down any confusion of what the assignment should entail.

Topic and Assignment Information Found a Sample Syllabus:

|Assignment Title |Worldview Puzzle Essay: Putting the Pieces Together |
|Objectives |Discuss the concept of a worldview. |
| |Describe how faith contributes to worldview. |
|Assignment |Identify the three components/puzzle pieces that you believe are most critical to the formation of a worldview. Refer to|
|Instructions |the Cosgrove text to help identify these