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Investment Proposal Report

The business idea is for a traditional Chinese tea shop. The idea would be to attract Chinese customers who can purchase a range of expensive teas, made in a traditional fashion. The teas would be sourced from China and there would be many different types. The layout and design of the shop would be of a high quality traditional Chinese style. However, in addition to tea, the shop would also provide food. The shop would be decorated with traditional Chinese style porcelain and art which would be available for sale.
The plan would be to have the business within a company. This is so that if the company is loss making in the future, there would be no negative impact to the business owner.
Initial start-up costs for the venture would be £100,000 and the funding for this would be requested to support the business plan. The funding would be needed to support the purchase of the following things:
The business will need a premises and so a Lease on the property will be needed. This will be a cheaper way of having property than buying the building.
The business will need to have Electricity and heating to ensure the customers and workers are comfortable, Legal costs need to be pay for setting up the company and setting up contracts for workers, property will need decoration in the Chinese style. Also, there will need to be kitchen equipment to make the food and tea to bring to customers, Tea and Art to be able to make and sell to customers, and will need to be some money to pay workers. Finally, the business would need some money for advertising to make people aware of the shop as it would be new.
The source of finance that is the best for this business is a bank loan. A bank will need a proposal put together to obtain a small business loan to support purchasing the things. The business plan will include financial forecasting to show how the business can make money.
Financial planning is important to