Jet Blue Case #1 Essay

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JetBlue Case Study
Team 22
MIS 6713-601
Fall 2014
Austin Blake
Tyler Richardson
Alvin Tsang
Carolyn Wanczyk
Executive Summary
The purpose of this report is to provide the management and stakeholders of JetBlue a plan of action on possible options to increase revenue generated through marketing. By examining the marketing team’s proposals through the DECIDE model this report details what proposals should be funded, which should not be funded, and new ideas for marketing revenue.
Through analysis of each proposal the decision was made to recommend supporting and funding both the “All You Can Jet” promotion and use of social media. In addition to the two recommendations by the team this report also suggests
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While this proposal will increase temporary interest in the company and the potential for increased web page traffic, it is limited to customers who have the resources and availability to fly multiple times in a single month. This proposal is worth considering if it aligns with a low travel month, and there is a history of empty seats on multiple flights. The final recommendation was to use social media, such as Facebook, for advertising. For cost benefit, this proposal is the most realistic in terms of meeting the established criteria. It provides low cost media for promotional advertising as well as customer communications. An additional proposal would include providing a special promotion for a free return ticket when you purchase a one-way flight to any destination. This may encourage more customers to purchase flights, providing the opportunity to retain customers for future travel. This leads to an immediate decrease in revenues with the intent on investment for future revenues. Building on the “BetaBlue” promotion launched in 2008 to provide select flights with limited wi-fi access (Page 1 JetBlue Investor Report, 2011), additional wireless technology could be utilized to promote JetBlue as the most “connected” airline. By providing customers with wireless Internet as well as the newest devices by which to access unlimited wireless, there would be a draw for younger