Investment Strategies Essay

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To wisely invest, one needs to do a thorough comparative study of the annual reports, stock market performance, news, strategies, vision of the companies, etc. to reach a conclusion. Sure, growing your investments may take time, but the returns will be well worth the wait. One thing my parents always told me was to spend my money wisely and save as much as possible while only purchasing the necessities. Therefore, since I was younger I have always saved my money and planned for the future during each stage of life. For example, when I was a boy, I saved my allowance for a new bicycle, as a teen, I saved for my first car, and now my next step in life is to save income to purchase a home.
In order for me to achieve my next goal, I cannot rely on interest earned on saving accounts, certified deposits, or money markets, since the economic crisis from 2008. Because of the crisis, the interest rates earned on banking accounts have fallen and are currently very low. Similar to the low interest earned on savings accounts, interest rates on mortgages have also reached the lowest rates seen in years, making now the perfect time to purchase a property or take a loan.

In my portfolio, I will mainly keep value securities, which theoretically are safer than growth stocks. I plan on focusing on value securities with good dividend yields as long-term securities and have a few of growth securities as short-term. As a young investor, I plan on following some of Warren Buffet’s steps.…