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Today’s society and generation is faced with the rapid growth of the uses of social media. Though socialSocial media has its positive benefits of global communication it triggers the negative impacts within an individual physical and emotional wellbeing. Social media such as Facebook and twitter is now one of the main causes of teenage obesity, changes in appearance as well as the lowering of self- esteem of an individual. This literature review evaluates the negative flaws of social media that is not recognized by today’s society.

Social Media can be a great source for many of the youths of today, but according to Paw Research statistics of 2013, it claims Internet users aged between 18-29 are using applications of social media 89% of there daily basis, in comparison to this those aged 65+ are using only up to 45% or even less of their time. Many of those that have been examined have shown emotional isolation and becoming oblivious to the mainstream society. They have also shown an increasing barrier to connect and socialize physically or face to face, thus causing trust issues with many of their peers and also family members.

As stated by Clair Ellicott for the Daily Mail, states more than a third of young people have felt depressed as a result of something written or posted on a social media-networking site. As of these recent studies it suggest that the addictive use of these social media, one in ten young adults admitted that they could not cope with day to day life as the internet have given them a sense of community that they don’t have in real life1. Youth aged 16-25 have said that they are friends with people online whom they have never met. In agreement to this articleArticle Regina F. Graham of CBS DC claimed that there have been several instances where teens as well as adults have committed suicide because of constant harassment of peers from social media regarding cyber bullying “They probably wouldn’t engage in bullying activity if they were face to face because of consequences“ stated by New York psychologist Batcho. Michael S. Broder, Ph. D explained how the use of cyber bullying could haunt a person 20 – 30 years later in life causing anxiety, nervousness and the inability to cope with others. 2.