Islam: Islam and Uncle-in-law Practices Islam Essay

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The religion that really caught my interest is Islam. The reason why is because the good people of the United States are constantly bombarded with countless misrepresentations and inaccurate portrayals of Islam and about Muslims, so it made kind of look into the religion and see what their values and beliefs are. My uncle-in-law practices Islam, so I’ve asked him if he could educate me more about it. He decided to take me to the Islamic Center for PEACE. The facility serves as a community center dedicated to promoting progress, education, awareness, cooperation, and enlightenment within the Islamic community and the local community at large. When my uncle and I have arrived to the center, from outside it looked as it was just an ordinary building, nothing special that would make it stand out. As soon as we walked inside I felt like I just entered Middle East. The inside was just beautiful; all the sculptures, the rugs that hung on the wall, the calligraphy writings, it was amazing. The atmosphere was pretty quiet. A lady with a traditional outfit approached us and introduced herself as Hibah. After greeting us, she start showing us around and explaining what everything is. She was explaining what is Islam, who was the Prophet Muhammad, about the Qur’an, women in Islam, and contemporary issues surrounding Islam. While my uncle and I were following her I noticed there was a music playing or at least I thought it was until I asked her what was the background music, she corrected me and told me it was the Qur’an being read. It was read in Arabic but it sounded like a slow song cause it had some type of rhythm to it. As we continued the tour I saw the traditional sculptures and weapons but what really caught my eye was a horn, and people used to drink from it and still use it as a container to keep a liquid in. After Hibah told us that she enjoyed our company and that she had to go, but we were free to walk around and enjoy the rest center. As I was passing by one of the rooms I noticed a huge room