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ISP exam review * Know how clouds are made (diagram, explinations) 1. Hurricanes derive their energy from: a) Latent heat of evaporation b) Latent heat of fusion c) Latent heat of condensation d) Latent heat of sublimation
Answers: A or C 2. You are sailing the ocean at coordinates 20 degrees S, 20 degree W. Which best describes expected prevailing wind? a) Blowing from SW toward NE b) Blowing from SE toward NW c) Blowing from NE toward SW d) Blowing from NW toward SE
Answer: B 3. On day of Northern Hemispheres summer solstice, the North pole receives ________ daily radiation at top of atmosphere than areas near the equator because __________. a) More, sun does not set b) More, sun rises in the sky c) Less, sun does not rise d) Less, sun much farther away Answer: A 4. Earth is 5mill Km closer to the sun in January than july, yet it is one of the colder months of the Northern Hemisphere. Explain. a) 23.5 degree tilt of Earths rotational axis to plane of eclipse accounts for majority of change in solar radiation. A small rise (7 percent) in solar radiation in January when the sun is (3 percent) closer to earth. Tilting away from the sun shortens the day reducing the amount of sunlight per area. 5. Why are there 2 high tides and 2 low tides everyday along coast lines. b) Gravitational attraction of the moon and the sun force inertia creating tide raising forces forming tidal bulges in…