Issues in design, implementation and evaluation of a Health IS Essay examples

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What is HIS : HIS is an Information system to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health and welfare services through the creation and use of information for clinical, administrative, and monitoring purposes.
System Components of HIS : Data Collection, Data Transmission, Data Processing & Data Analysis

Key points to consider when evaluating a HIS from 3 different perspectives
1 Core Functionality of the System
2 Technology Feasibility & Project Management
3 Commercial Factors (Investments required, Cost to build and run the system etc.)

1 Functionality
1 Assess whether the system will meet the potential objectives set out for the system (e.g. objectives of Hosp. I S listed below)
2 Assess whether the system improves the communication of patient information between healthcare facilities
3 Assess the quality and actual use of decision making information to support clinicians, hospital management, provincial health executives, and the public
4 Assessing whether patient administration processes are more standardised and efficient
5 Assessing whether data protection is adequate
6 Assess the adaptability of the system for future changes and new features.
2 Technology & Project Management
1 Assess whether technology infrastructure is adequate - the reliability of the system (including peripherals, network, hardware and software) is optimal
2 Assess the needs for training, change management, and support required.
3 Assess the project management requirements
4 Assess the Network and security infrastructure required
5 Assess the scalability of the system incase if more users are added to the system at later stages
6 Estimate the complexity of routine clinical and managerial processes
7 Take into account the social and professional cultures of healthcare organisations and to recognise that education of users and computer staff .
3 Commercial / Cost aspects
1 Assess the initial investment required to put the system in place (HW, SW, People, Training etc.)
2 Assess whether costs per unit service are reduced
3 Assess whether revenue collection ‘ll be improved
4 Assess whether Compliance, audit or research information demands can be met with the system?

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