Italian Weddings Essay

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Italian Weddings

By: Mariah Transue

Italian Superstitions and Traditions
General Superstitions

During The Ceremony

• The bouquet- The last gift from the groom as a boyfriend; he is supposed to buy the bouquet and have it sent to the bride the morning of the wedding.
• The bride must bring something new, something old, something borrowed, and something blue, along with a gift given to her by a loved one.

• The bride shouldn’t wear any gold on her wedding day aside from her wedding ring; Its considered bad luck.
• It is considered rude for anyone other than the bride to wear white on the day of her wedding. • The bride must wear a garter for the groom to take off and throw into the crowd; if a garter is not worn, the bride’s right shoe will be thrown instead.

Italian Superstitions andis thrown
• Rice at the
• The bride spends the night before her Before the Ceremony wedding at her parents house; Some women wear green on the night before, for it is said to bring good fortune. • A ribbon is tied in front of the church before starting the ceremony ; Which represents “Tying the knot”. couple as they exit the church or wedding
hall; symbolize a shower of fertility.
• Just before the guests leave, at the end of the wedding, the bride and groom give gifts to their guests as a thank you. The gifts given are usually bomboniere; Which consists of a present, confetti (sugar covered almonds), and

An Italian
₰ Something OldSymbolizes a new life and a good start.

₰ Something NewSymbolizes the past she leaves behind.

₰ Something
Borrowed- (from a loved one)…