Iwo Jima Essay

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Iwo Jima

Joe Rosenthal, in “Iwo Jima flag,” embodies that working together can pull us through life's toughest moments. He implies lighting, pose, and composition to prove that point to us.

Rosenthal, incorporates lighting into his picture to capture our attention to the flag. The focal point in this image would be the flag itself, the lighting that makes the flag stand out is coming from the cloud in the background. The cloud brings out the definition in the flag and makes it more appealing to the eye. The lighting also brings out the soldiers and makes them more distinct. Also, the lighting shines off the the rubble underneath the soldiers so you are able to see exactly what they are standing on. By the use of lighting, Rosenthal portrays that our flag can stand tall, even over the disaster that has happened.

The photographer specifically had the soldiers and the flag in the photo pose as the way that they did. As you can see, all of the soldiers appear to be working together. The one soldier at the bottom of the flag is making an effort to put the flag into the ground. This can hide the message of our country making the effort to get through the war. There are about three soldiers that are holding the support of the flag and are helping to put the flag up into the ground. This is relating to the people of the United States that are supporting our soldiers in the war and the war itself. One soldier, who is at the very end of the group, let go of the flag, and he is putting his fist up in the air and looks like he is about to jump in excitement. As of this, it seems to connect with our countries excitement of winning the war. With these examples of pose, it is relating to our countries struggle and excitement in the time of the war.

Rosenthal, made the photo…