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It is clear that the problem we see in this case is a problem of communication. We can definitely see that when they hire someone to a new position the manager in this case do not take the time to explain or show the employee what their duty are going to be. It is necessary to give the employee a job description an set him clear what his or her responsibilities are. Moreover, give the employee an objective in this way when time come the manager can sit down and review them. Making sure that they have been done correctly and show the employee what they need to improve to make a better job.
Therefore, nowadays we see many organization that do not take the time need to explain or to teach the new employee what they have to do in their position which they were hired for. Consequently, employees are just put in their new position and they have to figure out what they have to do and at the end they come to do more work than the one they were originally hired for. Due to this, the " new ones" make all kinds of mistake and are passed as bad or inefficient workers.
I definitely believe that by having a Human Resource in an organization would help to prevent all this kinds of mistakes. The Human Resource can focus on hiring or interview the right person for the job giving them their job description, guiding and supporting them to evolve that information into knowledge that can be applied as skills in order to achieve the goals of the organization and its people and it's guiding and supporting those people to learn at the same time. This way if the manager are too busy to hire or interview people Human Resource will recruit more qualify people to do the job. Picking up two or three that look capable passing them to the manager in charge to give the final decision on who to hire. Once this person understand what their position it will be easier to the manager to give them a more detail concept of their job.
Some of the human resource function