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Jack the Ripper In the midst of a stormy night standing over the corpse of middle aged man, laughing softly under his breath as he pulled his sickle from the man’s neck.
“Stupid ol’ man” he mumbled as he strapped his blade back onto his back. Scouring the rooftops, leaping from building to building Jack searched for his next target.
“It’s beautiful up here don’t you think?” Said this mysterious voice coming from behind Jack, slowly he moved his hand to the hilt of one of his sickles; a stray bullet passed his hand. Shocked, his eyes wide he moved to the side as he managed to catch a glimpse of his attacker. A short brunette with a hint of pink in her hair stood before The Notorious Jack the Ripper.
“Oh? Howdy there” Jack asked in his nicest, most pleasant voice.
“Cut the crap Jack, I want you gone or better yet dead. You have killed someone important and their family want you taken care of”
“Well miss whatever. I enjoy what I do, you just expect me to leave?”
“Look Jack hand over your twin sickles as proof that you’re departed and you are free to go” the woman insisted for a few more minutes. Jack grew tired of this crap; he had heard it all of the time. “Oh don’t kill me please I have a family, Scum all of them”. Jack grew tired of this woman and drew both weapons from his back, Ivory and Ebony he called them. He rushed the woman without warning, she fired off three shots towards the madman but to no avail, Jack gained speed and baseball slid between the woman’s legs using one of his diabolically curved blades to hook around her leg, pulling her to the ground. She tumbled over with a loud thump as he handsprung himself as quick as lightning, standing over the assassin, he held his blade to her neck, “Any last words?”
Jack carelessly waltzed into his apartment, at around three in the morning. By the time he had a shower, washed the blood from his blades and fell into bed it was already half past four.
He had been watching this woman for several days now. He knew tonight would be the night he would strike. He waited until nightfall for the woman to finish work. Another hour had passed until she finally emerged into the streets. She suddenly turned into an alley way, Jack almost leapt into excitement, this was going to be an easy kill. He stalked her from above leaping down onto a fire escape as he readied Ivory. He took a breath and pounced down on top of the poor girl, without even a scream his sickle had ripped into her spine incapacitating her.
“Naughty naughty , you’ve been very bad” Jack gloated as he stood over her lifting her chin, tears streaming down her eyes, Jack slowly ran Ivory across her throat.
He fled up the fire escape about to vanish into the night until he heard a crashing noise. It sounded like trash cans followed by rapid scuttling. Jack rushed to the top of the rooftop freaked out a little as he searched the street.
“How could this be there was no one around it was an empty, quiet, street, secluded and poorly lit “ Jack thought to himself . Jacks motto was to never leave witnesses but what if he had failed?
Giving up the search he fled back to his safe house, the thought still on his mind. Finally arriving back at home exhausted, Jack walked up the fire escape of his building slowly sneaking