Jainism Essay

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The religion of Jainism has many components that are said to be very similar with certain parts of Hinduism as well as Buddhism. The Jain religion is most popular in India where it was first found. There are millions of Jain people around the world. Jainism first started in ancient East India. The success of this religion all comes down to the 24 Jinas. Jinas are those who overcome or conqueror. The first Jina is believed to have been a giant around 8.4 million years ago (Robinson, 2010). The most recent, and last, was named Vardhamana (also known as Mahavira or The Great Hero). He is known to be the founder of the Jain community. Jainism was very different from things that the regular community was used to. It went up against the …show more content…
The sky-clad monks wore no clothing, while the white-clad monks would wear white garments (Jain Rituals and Practices , 2007). Both practiced non-violence, with the white-clad monks going to the extent of putting a white cloth to their mouth to prevent accidental inhaling of insects. Every day Jains bow their heads and say their universal prayer called the Namokar-mantra. “I bow down to those who have reached omniscience in the flesh and teach the road to everlasting life in the liberated state. I bow down to those who have attained perfect knowledge and liberated their souls of all karma. I bow down to those who have experienced self-realization of their souls through self-control and self-sacrifice. I bow down to those who understand the true nature of soul and teach the importance of the spiritual over the material.
I bow down to those who strictly follow the five great vows of conduct and inspire us to live a virtuous life. To these five types of great souls I offer my praise. Such praise will help diminish my sins. Giving this praise is most auspicious. So auspicious as to bring happiness and bliss.” (Jain Prayers, 2009) It is believed that all good work starts off with this prayer every. It is learned by all children, it’s the first prayer that is said each morning and