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The song “Strange Fruit” is a poem that describes a gory image, negroes hung from trees by the lynching mob. This scene is a horrible one to make into a poem, and writing techniques are used to make it even more horrible. Jazz music has always existed as a voice for black musicians and audiences. The sounds and rhythms are extremely unique and colorful. It certainly changed America in the 1920's with the swing movement and it put jazz on the map. During this time many white people started to be influenced by this infectious music, and started to enjoy it. Many white people also discriminated against blacks and treated them as less than equal. A goal for an artist named Billie Holiday was to make America listen to the cries of a black man, a black man who was just lynched. Jazz music had to be recognized with its roots. Billie Holiday believed Jazz music had to defend the black people. No better way of being heard than through the voice of Holiday. She attempted to fight for black rights through her song “strange fruit”, a political song that struck a chord for many Americans.

Miles Davis musical aspect interests me the most because of his style that is easily recognizable and distinguished. His sound went on to influence many other newer forms of music today such as pop, soul, R&B, funk and rap. Davis employed a lyrical, melodic style that was known for its minimalism as well as introspection. After Miles Davis brief retirement he returned to the studio with his sextet to record perhaps one of the most widely recognized and best-selling jazz albums ever, "Kind of Blue". In 1963, Miles Davis put together his 2nd famous quintet. The first album in this form was "In a Silent Way" which was released in 1969. For this recording Miles was joined by guitarist John McLaughlin and keyboardists Chick Corea and Joe Zawinul. This album led to the groundbreaking album, "Bitches Brew". "Bitches Brew" is considered to be one of the most innovative and fresh musical styles created. The recording was inspired by numerous psychedelic musicians of the time such as guitarist Jimi Hendrix, Sly and the Family Stone, and singer James Brown. Miles band adapted to electric instruments instead of the traditional for recording and live performances. Another musical aspect that interests me is be-bop because