Jean Watson's Theory Of Transpersonal Caring

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Philosophical Statement
I believe that each patient should have a secure, calm, and caring environment to promote healing, happiness, and satisfaction. No patient should ever feel alone and as they are not cared for by a nurse. Patients should be comfortable with their care and know that everything is being done to take the best care of them.
Jean Watson’s theory of transpersonal caring relates to my philosophical statement due to the many of the care aspects that are involved with it.
Watson states (2010), the legacy of Nightingale at this turn of the century also returns nursing and health care to attend to Nightingale’s mandates toward the natural, noninvasive, nonintrusive, natural, physical, and sensory environments; to attend to natural human-environment phenomena of beauty, light, air, water, mood, comfort, quiet, touch, smell, taste, sight, sound, imagination, movement,
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In Watson’s book, Caring Science as Sacred Science, she “describes her personal journey to enhance understanding about caring science, spiritual practice, the concept and practice of care, and care-healing work” (Jesse & Alligood, 2014, p. 80). I believe this is a very important practice that every caregiver needs to do in the effort to know the most about yourself and learn how to best care for your patients.
Mind Map The mind map created for my own philosophical statement encompasses the philosophical statement itself, four metaparadigms, a brief application, and compatibility with Watson’s Transpersonal Caring theory. The metaparadigms include the person or client, the environment, health, and nursing. Each one creates a piece needed to understand a nursing theory. Watson describes each metaparadigm when creating a theory or statement and uses them to describe what she means.
Patient Centered