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When looking at this image I notice that both characters represent some form of power. Jim Lee does this by giving them very upright postures to symbolize dominance and very overdeveloped muscles to really show how much power and force these two characters wield. Jim Lee uses very intense shading to define the muscles and indentations on the bodies. This is effective because it seems as though Jim Lee was trying to create the ideal human in this alternate universe. Jim Lee uses two very different characters to create a very distinct contrast within the image, such as; the dark skies, the gargoyle that they’re standing on , the costumes they’re wearing and the way they’ve positioned their hands. This image is interesting because it shows two sides of the same coin or yin and yang. This is great because both of these characters are very heroic and are always fighting in the name of justice.
When looking at this image I feel quite jealous because of how perfect the characters are. Jim Lee has done this by giving them great postures and well defined muscles but most of all I think that being on a rooftop has given them more authority. I like this work because it looks good and it portrays strength and power.
Background INFO Lee's artwork quickly gained popularity in the eyes of enthusiastic fans, which allowed him to gain greater creative control of the franchise. In 1991, Lee helped launch a second X-Men series simply called X-Men (volume 2), not only as the artist, but also as co-writer…