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Selection Criteria
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Job Selection Criteria
1. I have an outstanding Sound oral and written communication skill. I have developed these skills by working as an event staff in Federation Square, Melbourne. I have to communicate with the customers, managers and other organizations to plan and evaluate the events. I communicate trough via emails, phone calls and sending the event briefs to conform the venue dates. I have to communicate face-to-face contacts with the higher authority. As a result, I got good responses from the clients and the venue manager.
2. I have a higher level of organizational and coordination skills with organizing the events, including venue supplier bookings and planning. I have to develop and plan to maintain event documents in computer system. Furthermore, I have to coordinate the event as a team and troubleshoot conflicts and issues as they arise and generate the events briefs from Microsoft office and Adobe Packages. As a result, I have gained the experience in the process of managing successful events, whilst having the skill set to assist and execute management and marketing strategies.
3. I have the demonstrated ability to deliver a timely service to customers, in my current role as an event staff, I am required to talk to customers, guide the audience with the events time and assist them to find the precise event location. I have to ensure the event is compliant with applicable legislation whilst promoting the highest of customer service. On the other hand, I have to communicate with the clients regarding the events, also need to manage the performance of direct reports to agreed objectives, culture and standard with an effective customer service. As a result, clients have rated the Fed Square Event Management team with positive ratings in social media forums.
4. Team working skills is an important skill that I have learned trough Event management team. As a team we are required to conduct the event successfully. We place in a group situation with a specific task and completing as a team with great interest. It is important to be up front regarding this process. Members listen to teach other, respect contributions, helps each other to clarify ideas. As a result, it helps me to identify the strengths and weakness of my self and the team and helped each other to ensure that all members of the group make a positive contribution to complete the task with a success.

5. Another important duties of my current role are the maintenance, organization and storage of paper based customer and office documents held at the company. I am required to regularly access the files. It is important that they are kept neat and easily identifiable. Fed square event reports are issues on daily basis and I am responsible for the filing several of these. As a result, I realized that the data filling system can be organized in a way that would make it more effective and easier to located file quickly. I got the permission from the manager and took the task to reorganize the whole filling in an efficient way which gives the much better system that allow to located files