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John Stevenson
Goals Paper
MKT 321

I have many concepts, techniques and ideas that I would like to learn from taking this Consumer Behavior course. I am taking this for my major but more importantly I hope this class will give me the knowledge needed to better myself as a salesperson in the marketing field. I want to learn the main reason and variables a consumer considers when buying a product. I would also like to know which of those variables are the most effective in influencing the decision of the consumer. Two goal for this class is to hopefully know how to best appeal to the consumer when selling and how to develop loyal long term customers. Another goal I have for the course is the ability to learn how to best influence a consumer to change to your brand when they are brand loyal to a different product. If I can use this class to help achieve my goal of knowing how to most effectively appeal to the consumer when selling, it will increase my chance of making the sell. I will now be able to sell this customer on more and more values and benefits in order to keep a long term relationship. As I learned in the first class majority of the profit made from the consumer is through a long-term relationship and not the original sale. If I know how the consumer has purchased in the past I will be able to suit my target market to an audience that have a better chance of purchasing because of similar interests. Any extra knowledge about how a consumer behaves will benefit me…