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John F. Kennedy Did the media give enough information about JFK's death or should they have produced more? Most people believe that there was not enough information that was gathered and released about his death. There are many reasons why they believe this. The true assassin's name was never released, no one knows why the assassin had a motive to this assassination, and if the suspect they released was the true assassin or not. The assassin's name was never released to the public, and this gives valid proof that there is not enough information on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Lee Harvard Oswald was announced as the assassin of the President and was charged for murder and treason. However, Oswald was arrested for shooting an officer Seventy-Five minutes after the assassination of JFK, which is why he was tried for the assassination. Warren Commission concluded that Oswald acted alone and there was no credible evidence that he was involved in a conspiracy. The motive of the assassination was never released or known. A theory was released of a motive, but it was never proven. The theory believed that President Kennedy was assassinated by the Criminal Intelligence Agency (CIA) because the ideas and acts Kennedy was going to commit went against them, but this is one of the many theories, none of which have been proven. Another theory by Lyndon Johnson in his final days was that Fidel Castro was behind this assassination. A final theory behind his assassination was a group of mobsters. Just because Lee Harvey Oswald shot at an officer doesn't mean he was the one who assassinated the President. Many people believe Oswald was framed for the assassination. Oswald was known as a poor marksman, but people twisted the story and was told as a master marksman and a olympic sprinter. However, he didn't get to prove that he was not a great shot and an olympic sprinter. People accused him, and he was murdered by Jack Ruby during a transition to a state prison. "The Warren Report was an honest report, based on what we knew at the time," Shaffer quoted "But nothing should have been written in stone. There