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English Speech
Good morning/afternoon ladies and gentlemen, before I start I would like to see a show of hands, who like public speaking? (Wait for hands) Okay…. Who likes physical journeys? (Wait again for hands), well that what I thought.
It’s the journey that matters, not the destination I would like talk to you today about physical journeys, I will be covering two supplementary texts that help my understanding of a physical journey and how they can be conveyed in a variety of ways. One of the texts being the “our women in Iraq” article and the magazine feature article “suicide mission” Then also there is the major study of text we have been learning about in class “The property of the clan” Let’s start by asking what is a physical journey? A physical journey is the movement from one place to another. Many physical journeys in life challenge people in where they need to overcome obstacles and challenges along the way. In order to over to overcome them people require determination and courage, Physical journeys in life that people embark upon are either by choice or compulsion one of the physical journeys in my life by compulsion is growing up it’s inevitable everyone embarks on this journey, and one of the physical journeys of life by choice in my life is going to school I could very easily not go to school every day but it is a physical journey I choose to take. Physical journeys in life affect people physically and emotionally and it is how they react that determines how beneficial and or detrimental those journeys are to that person’s life.
It’s the journey that matters not the destination
There are a lot of techniques used in the article “our women in Iraq” that back up my thesis – It’s the journey that matters not the destination. I will now delve into a couple of a couple of examples.
The use of mateship, the strong bond that the women in Iraq make, ties in really well with property of the clan in the mateship that Jarod and Ricko share, the example from the article “It’s like being on a football team and doing all the training then sitting on the bench the whole time”, shows that when the women are working over in Iraq they almost become a football team and they make a bond that only teammates can share, this piece of text really strongly conveys the concept of a journey because we all know that people in a football team generally share a bond, but bonds can be broken … strained due to various situations, One of the situations that the women in Iraq face is severing family ties because all of the women over there share a common empathy in that they might not see their families again, and one of the situations that are conveyed in the play are the party and the option for Jarod to keep his mouth shut or to let his subconscious get the better of him and report what he saw to the authorities, this example conveys the aspect of a physical journey in that, if they actually do make it home from Iraq they will be split from all the mates and friends they made while in Iraq but get to see their families again, the example of this