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My Journey: From Philippines to the UK

There have been many obstacles in the long road I took to get where I am today. One of them, however, stands out the most because it not only changed where I lived and what my environment was; it also changed who I am and how I perceive things.

In early January of 2006, I moved to the UK from the Philippines with my family to study. I grew up in the middle of a strong and connected family. If anyone had asked me eight years ago if I could imagine living outside my comfort zone, I would have said no. Little did I know that my life was going to be completely transformed. Before moving, I started thinking; will I be able to adjust? What is it going to be like? So many questions going through my mind, with no definite answers. I’d have to say it was one of the biggest challenges I have ever encountered. When I arrived in the UK I had to face a road full of bumps. My English was limited, and I knew England was nothing like the Philippines. Customs and traditions were very different and I learned this the hard way. I believe that being from a different country brings a lot to the table and it is a break from the ordinary.

Moving to a different country is definitely one of this most rewarding things I ever did – it gave me so much perspective on life, helped me understand people, places and cultures other than my own and tests my limits and boundaries. When you want the best for yourself, academically and generally, and you will do