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Samantha Carmichael
A journey is a series of events that happen from beginning to end. A journey helps you gain and learn new perspectives and experiences of life. Journeys are filled with surprises and unexpected detours which take you on a path you may not have thought you would take. There are 3 kinds of journeys people may take; physical, inner and imagination.
A physical journey is what is actually happening and what you are going through.
An imaginative journey is thinking about where a journey could take us and picturing what could happen.
An inner journey involves one taking a psychological path that results in a realisation of our self.

The Road not Taken is a simple poem that uncovers many complicated issues and ideas. The concept of journey in this poem is that the speaker has come to a branch of paths in the woods. The speaker has to choose which road he must take in order to complete his journey. He’s unsure which pathway to go and wishes he could take both. This is his unexpected physical detour in his journey.
He must either choose the path which many have chosen and which has been taken and “it was grassy and wanted wear,” or the other which is “bent in the undergrowth” and not many have taken that road at all.
He looks down one pathway as far as he can see, but then decides to take the other. He knows the path he has decided on is not as worn as the other one and not many people have been on the same journey.
The tone of this poem is very peaceful and captivating. The poet communicates with the reader on a very individual level. This poem at instance becomes clear with the language techniques used it is a very deep and personal reflection of the speakers life and the journey he went on.

The Carrie Diaries is a teenage book and also a television series. It is about a young girl finding her way through high school along with the journey of her mum recently passing away, getting an internship at a law firm, her little sister; Doret making her life a misery and trying to get the guy she likes to notice her.
The first detour in Carrie’s journey is when her mother passes away. She has to adjust to life with only her dad and sister. She goes through an inner journey as she learns life isn’t as easy as she thought it would be without her mother. She tries as hard as she can to take on the role her mother did, trying to cook Thanksgiving turkey and doing motherly things. She soon learns however that it’s not that easy to try keeping a family going, as well as an internship and friendships.
The next detour in Carries life, is when she is at her internship in the city and a fashion stylist approaches her about her “stunning” handbag. Her bag gets put into a fashion shoot which is then the main article feature of a fashion magazine. She becomes close friends with the lady who approached her and goes through an imaginative journey and starts thinking about her life in fashion and not in the law firm.
She gets offered a job at the magazines company as an internship and she is then torn between choosing where to work.
Carrie’s little sister, Doret's goal in life it seems is to make everything bad possible happen to Carrie. Doret’s life goes downhill when her mother passes away as she was closest to her, she starts acting out she starts smoking weed and she starts to steal. When Carrie find out she has been stealing she threatens Doret to tell their dad but doesn’t end up doing it because she can’t help but feel sorry for Doret.
Carrie is in her first year of high school, and the first thing she notices is that her old flame has now moved back into the area and is also starting school with her. At first she goes through the journey of getting him to notice her and when he does notice her she goes through the physical journey of trying to keep him as her boyfriend.
The Carrie diaries is a compelling story of the physical, inner & imaginative journey of a girl whose life was turned