Judaism: Judaism and Judaism Greatest Prophet Essay

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Ahmed Yusuf Judaism 10/7/13

Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people. The Judaism is based on three main things God, Torah, and Israel. As you know Judaism is a monotheism religion which believes in one god. Abraham, was the first Jew and he realized that there is only one god and he created the world and everything that is in it. Then Abraham told the Jewish people that there is only god. This is how Judaism started. The Torah was the book of Jews also called the five books of Moses. The Torah tells the story of Judaism from the creation to the death of Moses. The Torah also includes direction for worshipping and direction for living which includes the Ten Commandments which are basically rules for behavior given by god to Moses. Moses (ca. 1200 BCE) was Judaism greatest prophet and teacher. Moses also freed the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt and organized religious and community traditions for Judaism. Moses is mentioned in Christian and Islamic texts. Israel is the home to many Jews, it was founded in (ca. 1020 BCE – 922 BCE). The Jewish people settled in Canaan and organized into twelve self-governing tribes and later for the Kingdom of Israel. Israel greatest and most powerful king was King Solomon (ca. 922 BCE). King Solomon was known for his wisdom and his establishment for building great projects, including the Great Temple in Jerusalem. The Great building projects were very expensive which put the Kingdom of Israel in a great