Judgment and People Essay

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Aboudy Sahyouni
Mr. K Jones
July 9 2015
U1A8 Essay Culminating Activity
The true meaning of freedom is one that most people do not yet understand. Some people say it is when people are free to roam around wherever they want; others say it is a lot more complicated. In his short story, “The Strangers That Came to Town” Ambrose Flack is showing that true freedom is about being accepted. When people are accepted, they are not judged, they are valued as equally as all other members of the community and their status is a fair representation of the unique people they truly are.
To begin with, acceptance is the true definition of freedom because it means that pre mature judging is nonexistent. First of all, the people of the town will not judge the food or clothes one must eat and wear. “Before she could put a stop to it, some of their classmates scoffed at the leaf, lard and black bread sandwiches they ate for lunch, huddled in one corner of the recreation room, dressed in their boiled-out rag pickers’ clothes”(Ambrose, 4). These examples show that if the Duvitches were accepted, then the type of food they had to eat and the clothes they wore wouldn’t have been made fun of. It might’ve been questioned at the most, but people would come to understand their predicament. Also, when someone is accepted, the cultures they have is not looked at as something alien like as people would have become accustomed to the culture and understand what it is all about. Lastly, a person is not judged on their skin color or religion they follow when they are accepted. Not only is avoiding pre mature judgment a way of being accepted and free, but being appreciated is also another major benefit.
Secondly, being respected is another form of truly being free on behalf of acceptance. To start with, The Duvitches children feel more accepted when their talents are being cherished. “Nathan Duvitch, who was seventeen, could throw and hit a baseball as far as anybody his age in town. When I learned this, and let it be known, he was asked to join one of the local ball clubs. David, invited to play his accordion at a country dance, turned out to be a magician with the instrument and ended up being one of the community’s most popular players. Mrs. Frithjof Kinsella gave One-eyed Manny an after-school job in her store and later on told Mother he was worth three boys put together” (Ambrose, 16). This quotation shows that being valued is another way of freedom through approval. Next, the Duvitches also become accepted by having their many gifts of flowers in fancy pots with elegant