Julius Caesar Essay

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Julius Caesar is very important because he ended the Roman Republic.
Julius Caesar was a general and helped turn Rome into a big empire. At the beginning of they play Caesar returns from war with Pompey Later after defeating all other empires he became a very powerful dictator. In 44 b.c Caesar was stabbed by a group of senators. Cassius and Brutus were held responsible for his assassination. Caesar hates Cassius so Cassius hates
Caesar back. Cassius’s noble brother in law Brutus loves Caesar. Cassius makes
Brutus stay away from Caesar because everybody thinks Brutus is just as powerful as Caesar, and Cassius tries to convince him to challenge Caesar. What
Brutus doesn't know is that Cassius is trying to manipulate him. Brutus is a fool for believing Cassius and does challenge Caesar. A man named Artemidorus gives Caesar a letter that has the plan, but Caesar refuses to read it.
As Caesar was on his way to the senators, and in a group conspirators, who were also on their way to the senators. A conspirator names Metallis gets down on his knees in front of Caesar and asks to bring his brother back because Caesar banished him. Caesar refuses so brutus and the others crowd around him and gets stabbed and dies.

At Caesar's funeral Brutus gave a speech about how he loved Caesar.
Brutus calls Caesar ambitious because Caesar just wanted to become king. He killed Caesar because he loved Rome more.
Mark Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus take over Rome. They make