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Julius Ceasar Essay Julius Caesar, friend or foe? He is one of the most influential leaders of all time and known by almost everyone, but is he a tyrant/dictator or simply one of the greatest world leaders there has ever been? Caesar was an extremely smart man, both on the battlefield and off. He was exceptional in schooling and was one of the greatest generals in Roman history. As a political leader Caesar did many good things for his citizens such as make taxes more fair and created many roads leading out of Rome allowing for more people to travel about. Julius Caesar was one of the best leaders in Roman history.
Julius Caesar was assassinated on The Ides of March (March 15th) 44 BC. According to
Michaels Parenti, the Author of
The Assassination of Julius Caesar, h is assassination was a
“conspiracy” done by members of the Senate Gaius Cassius Longinus and Marcus Junius
Brutus. Parenti argues that Caesar was assassinated for benefit of the Senate and was not a just killing. Caesar made many many reforms while he was in power and the Senate was not happy about these because they felt they were losing power and money. Parenti talks about how many of Caesar’s reforms benefited the citizens and not the Senate and that is why he was assassinated. Caesar’s death emotionally destroyed the citizens of Rome. In Tom Holland’s
Holland states that the citizens “gave up” on Rome after that. Even the assassins of Ceasar left within weeks of the incident. Michael Parenti writes that “The assassins soon realized that the populace was not about to embrace them embrace them as heroes,” so they may have made

the right decision leaving. Augustus was left as the sole leader of the Julian Party and was the only one left to reign supreme over Rome. Rome accepted one man rule simply because they gave up and that was their only choice.
The Annals of Tacitus states “there was no one to oppose” and Augustus was just given the job of ruling over the superpower that was Rome.
Julius Caesar truly is a man who should be remembered for his great feats