Essay Junk Food and their Impact on Health

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As I take another bite of this noxious repulsing junk, I realize how its clogging my arteries until that point were my heart could give out and have a heart attack. That is why eating healthy foods is very important. Not only can junk food hurt my body, it can also prevent me from getting necessary nutrients, and leads to bad eating habits. One of the most dangerous things about junk food is that it can harm my body. To start off with, eating junk food can damage my body in many ways. One of the harmful things junk food can do to me is obesity. This is a serious problem; obesity can even lead to life threatening conditions. That can cause an epidemic in things such as high blood pressure and diabetes. More than thirty-seven percent of people in the U.S are suffering from obesity. Another thing junk food can lead to is diabetes. I would hate to inject insulin into myself and having to pinch my finger, causing immense pain on a daily basis. So why would I put myself through this pain and suffering when all I have to do is eat healthy. I remember the time my uncle did not watch what he ate, and ate too much junk food. He is now obese and finds it very hard to even get up in the morning. That why I eat healthy to spare myself the trouble. Instead of eating junk food, I eat fruits and vegetables to prevent harming my body. Not to mention healthy foods gives me nutrients for my body. Another thing junk food does, is it prevents me from getting necessary nutrients. Junk food does not contain anything but fat and grease. My body needs minerals, vitamins, and fiber essential for my body. I get these in healthy foods, not in junk foods. If I eat proper nutritious foods my body will be healthy. According to Thomas Edison, a great inventor, “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” Foods I find great nutrition in are vegetables, fruits, and meats. If I eat these foods on a daily basis I will remain healthy and get all the proper nutrients, I need to live a long and healthy life. More than fifty percent of people In the U.S take vitamins because they’re not getting the proper nutrients they need. Not eating right and getting insufficient amounts of nutrients in your body may be the cause of having bad eating habits.