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To Kill a Mockingbird is often questioned among many people due to prejudices of characters, the towns, and the times. It’s also called offensive to todays readers, but it can be a worthwhile book to read because it has many lessons to learn from within the story.
The book To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic because it resonates about emotions, personal growth, and becoming more aware of the world around you ­­ this is why younger people can easily enjoy this book.
Some reasons people like the book is because they are challenged and changed by it . Although there are many things that can offend people
(Race. Justice. Inclusion. Tolerance. Loyalty. Family. Innocence.
Ethics. Values.) there is still a lot to lve about this book. The book
(which was published in 1960) was written by Harper Lee and throughout the time that she was reading the book it was based off of some of the things that happen in everyday life, its something that was written heartfelt and truthfully and reflects on how Harper Lee felt throughout the time period that she was writing the book.
There are many reasons that people of all ages should read the book.
Firstly it teaches morals such as no discriminations, that lives are lied the way that people want it to be. The book shows that people have the freedom to choose the life that they want to live. Secondly, it has hilarious moments even though there are some solemn scenes. It makes up for some of the nerve­wracking scenes