Kate Cooper Case Essay

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Green Meadows Hospital is newly constructed community hospital owned by Southern Hospitals Corporation. Kate Cooper was very excited when she got a new position at Green Meadows as a Manager of Adult Services. They started hiring people and were getting ready to open the hospital. However, things did not go well as they planned and wanted to. Therefore, Kate had to resign. The biggest problem that I see in this was their unorganized management skills and communications skills. They should have more prepared since they were new hospital and related to people’s lives but from the beginning, it seemed like they did not think that it was a big of deal and just went it the flow.

Communications at Green Meadows Hospital is more likely one
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First theory is expectancy theory. If people put their effort into something and they perform to get the result. Between putting effort and performing they think that their effort will make them to attain their goals. Also between their performance and outcome, they expect specific result. Maslow’s Need Hierarchy is the next theory. People have to have the low level of needs to have higher needs. Also once a need is satisfied, it is not a powerful motivator anymore. Third is Alderfer’s ERG Theory. This theory is somewhat similar to Maslow’s theory but slightly different. It has three sets of needs: existence, relatedness, and growth. Unlike Maslow’s law ERG theory states that several different needs can be done at once and at the same time because they are all connected. This can either motivate or demotivate people.

They should use ERG theory to prevent managers like Kate from resigning. Environment like hospitals should have existence needs, relatedness needs, and growth needs at the same time. They do not have time to wait for one thing to get done and go onto another. At the hospital they work with people. They should respect each other, not just respect the leaders but also leaders should respect the followers. And also they should have relationship that includes all the employees and share their thoughts, discuss problems together, and try to find the solutions together. And people need some kind of motivations to work better with other