Key Success Factors for Amazon Essay

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Discuss the key factors for

Amazon .com is an online merchant that was founded by Jeff Bezoz in 1995 and has entered into many businesses beyond books (e.g toy, music, auction, electronic and video). The company has used acquisitions, alliances and strategic partnership to grow some improved services and bring in new customers. Those competitive capabilities, market achievement, competencies and strategic elements that made to be a success will be discussed below

AMAZON.COM Key success factors

The founder of studied the book market before choosing it as a starting place for, but more importantly was his understanding of internet and
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Through this (CRM) Amazon were able to record customers reading habits, buying habits and buying trend, which allows to offer different promotion and selling strategies tailored to meet customers demand and needs.

Amazons diversification into other types of services (music, video, home improvement and auction) also enhances their competitive advantage because all other services links back to them faster than their competitors can duplicate. offers services beyond discount, for example; the ability of the site to allow students search book of related topics for their projects, search for books in foreign languages or out-of-print, provides information about its products--- editorial contents in the form of reviews, interviews, excerpts, purchases’, circles and related recommendation made for deeper exploration of the site, provide information for those who can’t remember a book or video or are looking for a sound bit , but don’t remember exactly what they want.

UNBEATBLE LOGISTICS offering for fast, inexpensive shipping has helped the firm to overcome the lag between purchase and delivery of a product. For a $79 annual fee, prime offers unlimited free express shipping for most