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Key Term: Chapter Four
Olinda S. Nichols
Week Three
1. active listening
Part of two-way communication, such as offering feedback or asking questions; contrast with passive listening.
2. aggressive
Imposing one's position on others or trying to manipulate them.
3. assertive
Being firm and standing up for oneself while showing respect for others.
4. body language
Nonverbal communication, including facial expressions, eye contact, posture, touch, and attention to personal space.
5. boundaries
The line or plane indicating the limit or extent of something.
6. burnout
The end result of prolonged periods of stress without relief. Burnout is an energy-depleting condition that can affect one's health and career. It can be common for those who work in health care.
7. closed posture
A position that conveys the feeling of not being totally receptive to what is being said; arms are often rigid or folded across the chest.
8. conflict
An opposition of opinions or ideas.
9. empathy
Identification with or sensitivity to another person's feelings and problems.
10. feedback
Verbal and nonverbal evidence that a message was received and understood.
11. hierarchy
A term that pertains to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. This hierarchy states that human beings are motivated by unsatisfied needs and that certain lower needs must be satisfied before higher needs can be met.
12. homeostasis
A balanced, stable state within the body.
13. hospice
Volunteers who work with terminally ill