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a person or group of people living in the same residence

Nuclear Family

A family consisting of parents and their dependent children


More than one culture or ethnic group within a society

Extended Family

A family that extends beyond the nuclear family who typically live nearby or in one household


The legal dissolution of marriage by a court or another competent body

Reconstituted Family

The joining of two adults via marriage, cohabitation or civil partnership who have children from previous relationships


A thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage or skill


The allocation of roles and status on fixed characteristics eg. gender


Holding to traditional values and attitudes and cautious about change or innovation typically in politics or religion

Domestic Labour

Term for housework and childcare, stereotypically the 'woman's job'

Expressive Leader

Parson's term for the female function of the mother/housewife

Extended Leadership Networks

The communication and links between 'leaders' of the extended family


Faithfulness to a person, cause or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support

Geographical Mobility

The ability to move around the country normally in the pursuit of employment


A person sexually attracted to someone of the opposite sex

Ideological Apparatus

A place or thing used to portray and make people accept certain views e.g capitalism


The development of industry on an extensive scale

Instrumental Leader

Parson's term for the male role- the bread winner


Connection by blood, marriage or adoptions; family relationship

Maternal Instinct

The bond that forms between a mother and her child- loving, caring and protection.