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1. What role does honor play in the novel?
Honor played a major role in novel, Killer Angels. Throughout the book, Honor was a concept that remained important to members of the armies, regardless of whether they were supporting the Union or the Confederacy. Every action and decision was made with the intention of being heroic and as honorable as possible.
2. From your reading of Killer Angels, what do you think was the main reason the Civil War was fought?
While the North lightly interpreted the United States Constitution, and while pursuing industrialization and the expansion of cities, the South remained mostly agricultural. During this period in America, it seemed as if there was a major divide in the country and even completely
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How does a religion scholar and teacher become acclimated to soldier's life?
Before the war broke out, Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain was a simple rhetoric and religion professor in Maine. Chamberlain had always aspired to be a soldier however, making the transition from teacher to soldier less uncomfortable. As demonstrated in the battle on Little Round Top, the colonel was intelligent and knew how to react to situations in which the odds were not in his favor. Being significantly outnumbered in the battle with almost no ammunition, Chamberlain decided to fix knives and countercharge the Confederate Army that was approaching. As a result, the colonel and his men were able to chase the Confederates away from their position on Little Round Top.
8. How does Shaara portray both sides of the conflict? Is he balanced or does he seem to favor one side or the other? Which characters does he admire most?
Throughout the novel, Shaara alternates between portraying the situations of the Union and Confederacy by depicting important figures from each side. While he does include many chapters concerning the Union officers such as Chamberlain and Buford, it is in my opinion that he focuses on General Lee's Army more in comparison. This may be due to the fact that he admires General Lee and Longstreet most, regardless of their ultimate defeat in the Battle of Gettysburg and the Civil War as a whole. The book favored