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Activity 8: Marketing Plan (Part 5)
Submitted by: Courtney Bang-asan Due date: July 20, 2012
In this section of the Marketing Plan you are to prepare an analysis of your creation and research results. Write an analysis section for the marketing plan in proper sentence and paragraph form by answering the following questions: 1. Identify the reasons why stakeholders (e.g., executive decision makers, business owners, bankers, investors, board of directors) would be interested in a marketing plan.
Stakeholders have multiple reasons why they would be interested in a marketing plan. The financial aspect of a business can be associated with the stakeholders. They may assist them and help them reach their business goals. Another reason why stakeholders would be interested is that they can be part of executive decisions. They can influence others to make their product/ service better. 2. Explain how a marketing plan can address the areas of ethics and social responsibility (e.g., by identifying diverse markets, by requiring environmentally friendly components in the product and its packaging, by incorporating positive social messages for healthy products).
The marketing plan has a responsibility to incorporate the ethical and social aspects of a business. If a business decides to make a major change in how they present themselves, they would have to think if the change would make the company better or worse, also considering how it would impact the consumers. For example, if a company wanted to go green they would have…