Essay on Kindergarten and Child Primary Education

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Illiteracy in Russia

The number of illiterate population in Russia rises every year. At the same time in the year, Russia is losing its power and greatness as a state. Illiteracy has become a serious progressive problem, the fight with which is becoming more difficult. It is best to begin to eradicate this "infection" at childhood. One solution to this problem, I believe, will be a quality work of pre-school institutions. As well solution can be reading classical literature in school start at first grade. Namely erudition of a person will help him in fighting against illiteracy. Parents play a key role in this process. Only parents can develop in their child a love of reading. Also, there are several facts which we should know. Such as preschool and temptations.

Though in Russia primary and secondary education is free for citizens, not all parents send their children preschools. Why? There are a couple of reasons. First, some parents do not want to, believing that they will give their child primary education on their own. But teaching children by their own is misleading. In pre-school, children not only learn the basics, such as reading and writing, but also learn how to correctly pronounce sounds, and, most importantly, work and socialize with other children. Even the most loving parent is not able to teach his child in the same way it is done by an experienced teacher. The second reason is a little funding preschools. The state does not allocate enough money to buy new equipment or new textbooks for all. Unfortunately, there is little we can do about it, except to invest our own money.

Now why teenagers are not interested in their literacy? Why don’t they seek to improve their vocabulary and spelling? It's very simple. At the moment, during the time of high-tech, there are a lot of temptations,