King Arthur and Merlin Essay

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The Legend of Merlin

Merlin is a symbol to Arthur and his many actions. A symbol is something real gifted that represents a certain something. Meanwhile, all the characters in Arthurian legends, Merlin is by far the most mysterious. Merlin has taken many different names, faces, and roles. He has been known as an advisor, a prophet, a magician, a wise man, and a cleric. Merlin is so complex that it is impossible to understand him fully. We first heard of Nennius an 8th century monk. Geoffrey of Monnomouth then goes on to write of Merlin and his birth. “Merlin was the illegitimate son of a monastic Royal Princess of Dyfed. The lady's father, however, King Meurig ap Maredydd ap Rhain, is not found in the traditional pedigrees of this kingdom and was probably a sub-King of the region bordering on Ceredigion.” According to Geoffrey,Merlin's mother was a pure and noble woman, who was seduced by a mysterious, demonic being, making one half of Merlin human and the other half a mysterious(Ford, David).
. Merlin was taken from his mother at a very early age by Vortigern, who at the time was a notorious king of Britain. Vortigern was building a tower that always failed and needed the blood of a magical child to strengthen the foundation. Merlin then told Vortigern his first prophecy, the prophecy of the two dragons. One of the dragons of the underneath was white and the other was red. The red symbolized the Britons and the white symbolized the Saxons. The two dragons would fight the white dragon would be victorious. Next then, the rightful ruler of Britain, King Ambrosius came and defeated Vortigern and Merlin were saved. Merlin then went on to be Ambrosius's mage and advisor and later when Ambrosius died, he served as an advisor to Ambrosius's brother, Uther Pendragon. It was soon seen than was full of secrets and mysteries. It became revealed Merlin could know the future as well as he knew the past and prohpesied many events to come. In these years, Merlin did marvelous deeds such as bringing Stonehenge over from Ireland and building the Round Table which was modeled after the table used in the Last Supper. It was Merlin who put the pieces in place for Arthur's glorious kingdom in the years to come.

Although Merlin's company was very much enjoyed within the courts of Camelot, there was a mysterious, otherworldly side to Merlin which could never conform him to stay within the castle walls. Merlin lived deep in the heart of the forest of the enchanting Fairyland, where few endeavored into for fear of the unknown. Merlin himself was as much a mystery as was Fairyland and living there suited him well. Merlin took many different forms. Sometimes he was seen as an old man with a white beard and cloak, and sometimes he was seen as a laughing youth, riding a mystical stag through Fairyland.

It was Merlin who came to Uther's aid when Uther desired Igraine, the wife of the Duke of Tintagel. in the form of the Duke so that he could spend on knight with Igraine. The price of this, Merlin said would be the consequences of Uther's lusts, which of course would be Arthur. On that night, Uther disguised as the Duke seduced Igraine while the Duke was killed in battle. Uther soon married Igraine as it was seen that she was to have a child. On the birth of this child, Merlin came to Uther's court once again to fulfill the bargain and the destiny of Britain. Reluctantly, Uther gave Arthur to Merlin. Merlin gave Arthur to a knight named Ector to raise.

During Arthur's youth, Merlin played a very important role in seeing to the upbringing of Arthur in order that one day Arthur would make a fair, worthy king. It was also Merlin who placed the sword in the stone for Arthur to pull and become king of Britain. In the early years of Arthur's reign, it was Merlin who helped Arthur establish his kingdom by helping Arthur claim Excalibur, setting up the Round Table, and giving Arthur wisdom and insight on how to